About Us

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Established in 2017, KLiMATA is the newest player in action-adventure sports. We believe that adventure can (and should) be experienced by everyone.

Our company creates products for all types of people -however- KLiMATA is built on the idea that female athletes deserve just as much attention as their male counterparts. Women have historically played a smaller role in extreme sports and although female presence in the industry is increasing (awesome!) these numbers are slow growing. While women are being welcomed in to the sporting world, they are not who companies look to when designing new products, producing media, and expanding the industry.

KLiMATA is here to change that.

We believe females deserve the diverse style of gear that so many brands design solely for men. We think inner city kids, children of middle class families, and minorities everywhere should have access to nice gear and solid lessons. Above all else, we want to give everyone a chance to discover their hidden passions that are often only experienced through a cell phone screen.

Our world is changing.

We want more out of life than ever before. Women are working in industries that have been historically dominated by men. Social media is showing people of all classes, genders, and ethnicities, a lifestyle that many believe is out of reach.

-Not any more-

KLiMATA creates products without gender in mind, keeping items affordable, and making it our mission to bring the action-adventure lifestyle to people everywhere. All skill levels, no judgements, no requirements, no social restraints. This world is meant to be enjoyed by all of earths people and KLiMATA is here to make that happen.


KLiMATA Snow — snowboarding, skiing, winter sports


KLiMATA Street — skating, rollerblading, MMA, urban activities


KLiMATA Water — wakeboarding, kayaking, scuba diving, water sports


KLiMATA Land — rock climbing, camping, hiking, the great outdoors


Extreme Sport Collective

Although vastly different from each other, action sports and the athletes involved share many similarities. The love for adrenaline, the desire to jump higher, and above all else the drive to get back up and do it again. KLiMATA is more than just a brand; It is an association of riders, climbers and athletes. A collection of sports that touch the soul and change lives.


KLiMATA is not simply here to sell a product. We go beyond clothing production by building a company that does so much more for the public.


What do we do?

Below is a list of our current and future projects.

  • Make and sell unique products
  • Sponsor athletes and teams
  • Participate in and host sporting events
  • Give lessons and workshops for all levels of athletes
  • Film and photography
  • Host athletic and spiritual retreats
  • Other charity projects
If you are interested in learning more about KLiMATA or have any questions about the collective, check out our contact page or email us at info@klimatasports.com
We are always looking for unique individuals who want to be a part of KLiMATA!!